A 1912 Henderson Four was just sold for almost $500,000

This week in a Mecum Auction a 1912 Henderson Four was sold for $490,000. But what is a Handerson Four and why is it so expensive?

A closer look

The bike is in a great state if you think it is more than hundred years old. It has its original paint and its original tires. It’s an incredible machine older than any motorcycle company you have in mind right now. And it’s incredible that it made it far in an original state. 

History lesson

There are important machines that contributed to the motorcycle history like the 916 which redefined the racing bike or the BMW GS which invented the Adventure bike class. In my opinion, the Henderson comes right after the first bikes from 1885 built by Gottlieb Daimler or the one built by Sylvester H. Roper in 1867. Because the Henderson and especially the 1912 model was the first to complete a circumnavigation of the world opening the door to the road trip adventure. The protagonist of this amazing tour was the young Carl Stearns Clancy who traveled 18,000 miles around the globe on the Henderson Four in 1912. 

The bike was a technologically advanced machine for that time, remember it was 1912 and it’s a 1000cc four cylinder, powerful and reliable. 

The value of this bike is that it opened the world to road trip travels. Daimler built the first motorcycle but Henderson showed us what we could do with it. 


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Photo credits, license 

Photo credits, license 

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