We celebrate the motorcycle and the view of the world from behind the handlebar.
We create content to entertain and inform people. Testing every kind of motorcycle from the old classic beauty to the latest racetrack beast. You'll find stories of brands, motorcycles and people who influenced it.

The Ride

It's a strange sensation. For someone is the feeling of freedom, for others the thrill of speed or the adventure of long travels. But we all share the same, the vibration of the engine, the force of the wind and the mood of the weather.
Riding a motorcycle is a mix of invincibility and vulnerability, keeping it in balance is the way to fulfillment.

The Motorcycle 

A motorcycle can be an object of desire, a dream, a way to connect to people or other countries, a method of meditation. A sculpture, and in some case even a drug. But never just a mean of transportation.

romano Hallo Titel

Romano Pinna

Editor and content writer.

Romano runs the motorcycle tests, writes content for Gasolirium and manages all our social media channels. He began riding in the two-stroke era which makes him feel pretty old but gave him the chance to race everything from 125cc to 1000cc. All useless experiences when he got lost in the Sahara desert with nothing but a can of beans.

martin Hallo Titel

Martin Ritz

Creative Director.

Martin makes Gasolirium actually work on a technical level taking care of the visual part of this magazine, designing our beautiful covers, and shooting our test rides. He’s first approach on two wheels was on an old East German 50cc bike. He learned that day how to properly release a clutch but only after a bloody nose and a broken tooth. His riding improved a lot over the years.