Adventure Pockets , motorcycle gear

The Moto Pockets Review

The Moto Pockets are small soft bags made to keep important items separated from the rest of your stuff. It makes it easier to find certain things. They are made by a company in San Diego, California named Adventure Pockets founded by a man who traveled a lot on a motorcycle. Bob Allen figured out how to get the most out of the limited space we have on our bikes. 

You can have the Adventure Pockets in different sizes and shapes but there are basically two types: 

  • The Water Resistant Pocket. It’s an outdoor pocket that you stick to the windshield or outside the case to have something right there without having to open them. 
  • The Inner Case Pocket. It has an elastic net which will separate those items you put in from the rest but still let them breathe. I found this particularly good because it makes an excellent job of utilizing the space underneath the lid of the case. Or if you like, you can also put it on the side. 

If you are a travel guy this is something that will help you to keep your cases organized.

You can order your Moto Pockets by clicking here  

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Adventure Pockets , motorcycle gear
Adventure Pockets, Motorcycle gear
Adventure Pockets , motorcycle gear


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