AMA Flat Track Champion Sammy Halbert visits Rossi’s Ranch

Sammy Halbert made his first family trip around the world with two special stops. One in Australia to race with the three times Superbike World Champion Troy Bayliss and one in Italy, Tavullia to be precise, where Valentino Rossi has his ranch. What a coincidence! In the video, you can see part of the race organized by Rossi. 

“That was a special trip to get to take my Mom with me for a full trip around the world,” said Halbert, ” I got to go ride with Valentino Rossi and he was hosting a race so there was a bunch of other champion motorcycle racers there as well”

Halbert also said that there is something special about the track in Tavullia and not because it’s Rossi’s track. “It’s much more than a TT track,” Halbert said. “It really is like a road race track on dirt, even the way he’s got the curbing and stuff like that. It’s very similar to a road race track, it’s just dirt down instead of pavement. It’s a really unique concept and makes for a lot of fun.”

Here you can find more about Sammy Halbert

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