MV Agusta F4Z

An MV Agusta by Zagato

A Japanese businessman with a passion for motorcycles and design was seeking to ride something very special. But even an MV Agusta F4 wasn’t exclusive enough, he wanted something very, very special. So he asked one the most legendary coachbuilders to redesign his F4. 

MV Agusta F4Z


The MV Agusta F4Z will be presented at the Concourse d’Elegance Chantilly Art & Elegance this year. This is the first motorcycle made by the Italian coachbuilder Zagato, founded in 1919 in Milan, who gave us the most beautiful cars over the last century. Zagato is the only coachbuilder to be still in the hands of its founder’s family. 

The F4Z’s body is reshaped with aluminum and carbon fiber but this is not just bodywork. They had to re-engineer and replace a lot like the tank, the air intakes, the battery and the exhaust system. 

MV Agusta F4Z


And for all the people who might think that this is “just show and no go”, we’d like to remind you that underneath its bodywork there is a motorcycle racing in the Superbike World Championship and proud holder of 75 World Titles.

Of course, a unique custom like this will remain a dream for everyone. But this is closer to a piece of art than to a motorcycle. So don’t ask for the price. 

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