BMW R1200GS XDrive Hybrid

The BMW R1200GS 2WD Hybrid you dreamed of

The connection between the GS brand and adventure is strong and vital like the connection between Ducati and racing.

When the last GS came out I thought it was impossible to make it better. On the other hand, I was also expecting the first hybrid road going motorcycle to come out. BMW took the bet and presented a last version of the GS with a 2WD hybrid.

A closer look

It’s called the XDrive Hybrid but don’t you think about an electric engine attached to the other one just to fill the gaps. The bike has the same layout as the standard version so there isn’t any space for this. What they’ve done is something similar to their i8. The gasoline engine is powering the rear wheel, like in a normal bike, while the electric engine moves the front wheel. BMW says that this is going to increase drastically the traction in the worst conditions you could think of. Every time you brake the electric engine will charge the battery and because it works as a brake too, there is no need for a second disc which improves the handling.

In this layout, the bike develops together 170 HP, 45 to front and 125 to the rear.

BMW R1200GS XDrive Hybrid

Anywhere on any surface

BMW was so confident about its new bike that they sent the head of winter testing, Rainer Scherbeck, to the North Cape and from there all the way to the North Pole and back on the frozen Barents Sea. I don’t know if BMW was trying to get rid of him but Scherbeck said that he was amazed at how well it worked by -56 degrees riding through 1.25 meters of snow. 

The BMW R1200GS XDrive Hybrid will be available in late 2017.

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