Norton V4 RR

How a British Superbike should look like

They used to say “race on Sunday, sell on Monday” and I think this the reason why Norton came up with the V4. 

They relaunched the brand in 2008 but what we’ve seen until last year was almost the same marketing philosophy behind Triumph. Some nice cafe racer with a nostalgic retro look. And now this. I have to admit I was really surprised because this is usually what a fan would do if you give him the leadership of the factory. Before you think this is just show and no go let’s go straight to the technique. It costs 28,000 pounds and although it might sound like a lot you still might want one by the end of this post. 

The machine 

The engine is a V4 72 degrees of 1200cc which develop 200 hp. It has all the electronic controls you need on a modern bike, an aluminum frame, and a carbon fiber body. The tank is under the seat like a MotoGP bike. The brakes are by Brembo, the best in the category. And on top of that, it’s beautiful in a special British way with care in every detail. I missed British motorcycles in racing but I started to get confident again after I’ve seen the rise of BMW, KTM, and MV Agusta. Norton didn’t want just to build a race bike, they want to redefine the British sports bike and this is what makes it so unique. 

It is developed not on the racetrack but in road racing that’s why the V4 couldn’t be more loyal to the Norton tradition. 

And if you are still not fully convinced remember this: Norton was the very first winner of the TT in 1907. 

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