Indian Scout FTR750 Flat Track

Would you buy an Indian with no brakes for $49,900?

The most sensible answer to my stupid question is obviously no but stay with me and you’ll find out.

But I swear, it really has no brakes. And this is not the end, it also has no lights, no turn signals, and no mirrors. This makes it of course very light but also very insane. All these missing parts for almost $50,000. And I thought it was just a European fashion, this thing of charging more for less. But if you look closer you’ll find where is the money. 

Indian FTR750

Welcome everybody to the new Indian Flat Tracker 

Despite the fact that it doesn’t have brakes this bike is very special. First of all, it’s an Indian, the oldest American motorcycle company founded in 1901 and nothing is more charming than old racing stories. The front brake is missing because with this bike you have to be able to slow down by going sideways. 

Indian FTR750 Santa Rosa

The engine made in Switzerland by people who worked in F1 and MotoGP. This 750cc race V-Twin is fitted in a ultra-light steel frame with a large central airbox and a carbon fiber body. The bike was designed and produced from scratch to racetrack in less than a year and I have to say this is an aspect that I admire in Americans: the capacity to work incredibly hard for the sake of a vision. 

The Indian Scout FTR750 was presented in Santa Rosa Mile with Joe Kopp at the end of the 2016 season and it will race starting from 2017. 

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