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Cal Crutchlow wins the Australian GP in Philip Island

The Australian GP was a surprise for the journalists. Nobody of the reporters believed Cal Crutchlow when he said that he came to Philip island to win. But he did. And it wasn’t because of the rain or some weird race condition, he won the race on his own. Some people might have thought that he took the first place because Marquez crashed but Cal’s pace was better than Marc, who was pushing to keep him at distance. Cal is also getting the support he deserves from Honda after his victory in the Czech Republic GP.

Marquez wasn’t interested in points anymore and he just wanted to win and he made a mistake in this desperate attempt.

And obviously, how can we not talk about Rossi’s insane performance. Due to some mistake and a bad qualifying he had to start 15th and fought his way to the 2nd place. Lots of great overtakes and it’s still incredible how he does it.  Rossi admitted, “The first lap was great fun”. Vinales got from 13th to 3rd and did incredibly well on his Suzuki and I’m really curious to see him on a Yamaha next year. Honda seems have solved all the problems they had in the beginning of the season.

Cal Crautchlow
MotoGP 2016 Round Sixteen: Phillip Island, Australia

The tires worked but not for everyone

Michelin brought a special tire for Philip Island, the hard tire was difficult to bring in temperature. The riders had to push hard to keep it warm due to the cold weather. Some rider like Lorenzo did very poorly because he was never able to ride fast enough to warm up the tire. 

I don’t know if the Ducati team manager is worried about Lorenzo. They paid an insane amount of money. 24 million, for a rider who can still be super fast but just if weather and tire conditions are perfect for him. Probably that’s why Ducati will officially support Petrucci next year.

See you in Malaysia, where hopefully, this year, we’ll see a normal, fair race.

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