The controversial manoeuvre in SuperSport

Roby Rolfo on MV Agusta took his first victory of the season in an amazing race starting far back in the field. It was a photo finish with the Yamaha rider Mahias confirming the MV Agusta of Rolfo ahead by just 0.001 seconds. 

It was a fair race but the moment they crossed the line it got a bit messy. After the last corner, Rolfo was in the lead and was accelerating on the straight. At this moment we see him steering to the left side of the track. This is something you do in a close finish when the other rider is in your slipstream, you take it away and block his action. Rolfo keeps doing it till two third of the track even when Mahias is already by his side. It’s a hard maneuver but fair. Mahias’ response is to push Rolfo in the other direction touching him twice. The difference here is that he brings him all the way out of the track. I haven’t heard about any punishment till now, probably because this happened after they crossed the line. But think about this, in 2015 Rossi was disqualified for slowly bringing Marquez out of the line, not the track. 

The question I have in mind is: are those moments happening just now or do we see them because of more camera coverage?

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