The DMD Vintage helmet review

Winters in Berlin can be pretty cold and gray but the summer is amazing.


In some days it can be hot enough to bring the tarmac to boiling temperature. Or at least this is how it feels. After a while riding with my full face helmet, I realized that opening the visor wasn’t enough. So I expressed a wish and got a present for my birthday. I got a voucher for a new helmet and went out to get my first open face helmet.


Since I use my brain on a daily basis, I wanted to be homologated and safe. So all the plastic Tupperware brain caps were out. This means you remain with a bunch of others which are safe but ugly. I was pretty desperate until I found a new Italian company called DMD. They produce beautiful helmets inspired by the 70s’ look. The challenge is to make the smallest homologated shell without compromising safety or comfort.



At 100 kph nobody can hear you scream

DMD walked the line brilliantly. I’m using this helmet for more than a year now and I’m amazed at the built quality and care for the details. First of all the interiors are removable so you can wash them. The gap between your face and the shell is not made of fabric like other helmets. DMD used leather which makes it tougher and nicer to look at. But the thing that astonishes me the most is the work on noise reduction. I’m not exaggerating but I have full face helmets louder than this.  


On the road

I use it on hot days, city rides, and mostly when I test classic bikes because I like the look. But last fall I took it for a 2000 km journey. The helmet was amazing, the Uvex goggles, however, were pathetic. I was blinded by the steamy visor in the rain which was two third of the trip. And the “Super Anti-Fog” print couldn’t feel more sarcastic. But this is another story.


The 70s look

I choose the Glitter Blue because I wanted to go with this 70s look they’re pursuing so much. It looks good with pretty much everything you wear, goggles or sunglasses. You can choose between many colors and cool design.

There are of course a couple of drawbacks. The DMD Vintage has a small but is still a bit thick compared to some non-homologated models. But riding through different countries, like here in Europe without having to worry about the different laws is a great upside. Italy has a higher level of safety and helmets which are homologated in Germany or other countries might not be enough for the Italian law. The second problem is a bit personal. I have a big nose and now you can spot it from every corner of the intersection. But this is not a problem of DMD.


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