Ducati Opened a New Museum in Borgo Panigale

To celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary (1926-2016), Ducati inaugurated this year their fully renovated museum in Borgo Panigale. The renovation works also included the Ducati Style Center and the Fisica in Moto laboratory. 
This is an important event for Ducati and its fans since the museum receives more than 40,000 visitors a year. This was marked by the statement of the CEO Claudio Dominicali: 
The restructuring of our Museum is a very important and significant event for our company and for all the Ducatisti fans who follow and appreciate our brand and our bikes across the globe (…) We wanted to renovate this museum as a tangible sign of the vitality and strength of a company that is celebrating its 90th anniversary and looking to the future. Never before has Ducati been able to compete and achieve such results on the markets and on track, while also positioning itself for continued growth in the future”  Claudio Dominicali, Ducati CEO
 The interior design is characterized by minimalistic shapes and a dominant white in which the red machines can shine in all their beauty. Many of them wrote history inside and outside the racetrack. The museum hosts 44 bikes, including 26 race bikes and 18 road bikes. 
You can find there the racing bike of your heroes, the same machines that gave you goosebumps during a race. Or if you are into art and design you can find the most iconic motorcycle of all time. The Ducati 916. It was designed by Massimo Tamburini, also known as the Michelangelo of the motorcycle, the 916 reinvented the sports bike with advanced technical solutions and a breath-taking design. 
The Ducati Museum looks more like a modern art gallery than just a motorcycle museum. Whether you like motorcycles or not, I’m pretty sure we all love things made with care, love, and passion. And that’s why you should visit it. 

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