Honda CBR1000RR

The Honda CBR1000RR 2017

Honda unveiled their new CBR 1000 RR sixteen years after the appearance of the first Fireblade in 1992. And Honda said it’s everything that a Fireblade should be. 

The numbers are already astonishing and this was possible because 90% of the major components are new. They increase the power to weight ratio to 14%, 15 kg lighter and 10 HP more than the previous model. Despite all the Motogp technology that they pumped into the CBR, I was quite surprised by the fact that the rear tire is a 190. This makes me think that this bike was designed to be effective instead of following marketing ideas. 

In my opinion, they got the look right. It’s sporty and flamboyant without crossing the line. The painting lines remind me the racing colors of the 80ies. In the last model, I didn’t like the front, it was flat, expressionless. But was is just right with its sharpness that gives it a lot more character. 

A common trait of every CBR is the confidence they give while riding fast, making easy the process of improving. A CBR has the soul of a mentor and I can’t wait to find out if this has it too.  

“All 1000cc sports bikes are extraordinary examples of high-performance engineering. But for us, for our new Fireblade, we want extraordinary to be the pleasure of handling and controlling such a machine. Its true purpose – wherever it’s ridden – is to enjoy something that is not normally experienced in everyday life, something that cannot be surpassed.

The very first CBR900RR remains a milestone in our history, and an inspiration we have drawn on to radically reduce weight and increase power. And, to go to Next Stage Total Control, we have added an electronic control system that is there to support the rider, totally.

What then can our new Fireblade promise our customers? That is simple – the pure joy of riding.” 

Mr M. Sato, Large Project Leader Honda


Nicky Hayden testing the 17 YM CBR1000RR FIREBLADE SP


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