King of the Motos

King of the Motos is one of the craziest race

You might not be familiar with the King of the Hammer race but it’s probably the toughest race in the US. If you look at the footage it looks like madness on a motorbike with a lot of participants climbing a hill at night. So let’s have a closer look to that. 

The Beginning 

Probably like most of your genius ideas it was conceived in a bar. The drinks are unknown but the names are Jeff Knoll and Dave Cole. It was 2007 in a bar in California (actually it was 2007 everywhere…)  and Jeff and Dave started to plan the race on a napkin. After the first two years with zero spectators but growing from 13 to 50 teams, the event started to gain momentum also in the audience. 

It’s a time race so each team has to start every 30 seconds but don’t worry about the show because it gets pretty messy, pretty soon. It’s easy to get lost so GPS and navigation are very important. 

The King of the Motos

Stage #1 The first is the night section. It starts at 6 pm and it’s also the rocky section. An important information is also the fact that there are no pits and no team assistance. 

Stage #2 It’s the desert section and it starts at 9 am. At the checkpoint, nobody is allowed to work on the bike except for the rider. 

Stage #3 It’s the technical enduro part and it’s also the final course. It starts at 12 pm. 

I don’t think that the King of the Motos is the toughest race on earth like some people said. But I have to admit one thing, the Americans can turn every event into an amazing show. 

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