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We created our own language, staying away from the idea of heritage and nostalgia  
Edward Jacobs

Francois-Xavier Terny and Edward Jacobs are the founders of Vanguard Motorcycles based in New York. And they have an ambitious project. It’s not just about making an exclusive motorcycle, it’s about reinterpreting and defining the American motorcycle today. Norton is facing the same challenge of redefining the British sports bike. 

So let’s start with the engine

From a European point of view, Americans live in a big country, so I assume they like big things, and boy the engine is big. 1917cc to be precise, a V-Twin of 56 degrees with a 6-speed gearbox and shaft drive. With its 250 kg, it’s not light either but it still looks functional. And nothing is more satisfying than see functionality at work. This is what makes it alive. You see, there are certain bikes that in order to appear in a certain way their manufacturers put a lot of plastic stuff on them. And the end result is that they look a bit fake, like a toy. 

Part of this charming appearance is the fact that it’s completely naked, I mean really naked. You can’t even spot a frame because there isn’t one. Instead, they fitted what they called a Frameless Structural Engine. That means that the engine is so big a solid to support… basically everything. 

Obviously, my Italian part is smiling about the fact that putting Brembo brakes on a premium bike is taken for granted. 

We can’t tell anything about the riding experience because there are no tests so far and, most important, there is just one prototype on the road. So if you are an investor and you like Vanguard Motorcycles, you can find their crowdfunding campaign by clicking here

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