Ducati Super sport S

The New Ducati SuperSport presented this fall

This fall is full of promises for 2017. Ducati presented the new version of a model which made history. The SuperSport. It always was their interpretation of an everyday sportbike, enjoyable without being uncomfortable. 
It’ll be well equipped with the Ducati Safety Pack: Bosch ABS and Ducati traction control. The engine will be a twin-cylinder 937cc Testastretta delivering 113 HP. There also an S version with fully adjustable Öhlins suspensions, an up/down Quick Shift system, and rear seat cover. 
Ducati supersport
I waited for this bike for a long time since all the Supersports have a place in my heart. It carries an important name in the family. A lot of sports bike today are developed on the racetrack, for the racetrack and then later adapted to the road. This is not always enjoyable. All the Supersports were motorcycles meant to have fun on the road. To feel like a modern road racer. I can’t wait to try one. 

CEO Claudio Domenicali at the bike’s unveiling

I’m extremely proud to be able to reveal the latest Ducati 2017 bikes, starting with the SuperSportAfter sharing a sneak peek with the Ducatista community at WDW 2016, we’re ready to present the bike to the thousands of enthusiasts who had eagerly awaited a sport bike capable of ensuring both fun and comfort, even in everyday riding situations. Expert riders will appreciate the true sports personality of the SuperSport, its excellent road performance and evident penchant for journeying and everyday use”
Mr. Domenicali then looked ahead to EICMA 2016: “Next month, during the Ducati World Première – to be held on 7 November and streamed live across the globe – we’ll reveal the other bikes being launched by Ducati this coming year, thus completing the range and, we can confidently say, meeting many of the needs and wants of the riders in our community and those who, thanks to these latest machines, will soon be joining it”.

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