Pedrosa Misano 2016

Pedrosa wins the GP of Misano

This is the 8th consecutive race with a different winner. This never happened before. 

The weekend started with a bad crash of Iannone who cracked a vertebra and was declared unfit to race (we wish him a quick recovery). Lorenzo set the best time in qualifying in front of Rossi and seemed to be back on top after a bad series of races. 

After the start, Lorenzo took the lead and looked pretty fast but so was Rossi behind him right on his neck. And pretty soon at the first occasion, Rossi overtook him from the inside. This maneuver will be an object of discussion later in the press conference. We all saw the overtake and although it could have been hard it was also fair. Rossi had an aggressive line in the way in but then he incredibly hold the line pretty tight and Lorenzo had no chance to stay in front. 

Like last year in Malaysia, this discussion put the attention on Rossi and Lorenzo (last year was Marquez) instead of the spectacular win of Pedrosa. He fought his way to the top and even the Doctor couldn’t keep up. Pedrosa went through a very difficult year, probably because he couldn’t adapt his riding style to the new Michelin. But this was one of the occasions when he wakes up and beats everybody. 

Rossi reduced the gap by 43 points with still 5 races to go. An important fact is that Rossi finished always in front of Marquez during the last races. A sign that Honda might not be as strong as in the beginning of the season. And then there are the new tires and the new ECU regulation that makes possible even for an outsider to have the chance to fight for the podium. At least, this time, the direction made the right decision to the show even better. 

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