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People who cheer crashes during a race

During the last season, I noticed a growing attitude towards some crashes, almost disturbing. So is it ok to cheer crashes during a race?

Let me make clear that I find nothing wrong in being a fan of a certain rider. And it’s totally normal cheering an overtake or a victory because this is the reason we all watch races. What shocked me was that people started to cheer crashes. I can understand that someone might have played the bad guy in some situation in the past or others simply like another rider to win. But this is not sportsmanship. What I’ve always said about racing is that is a gentlemen’s sport with a lot of respect involved. I’ll tell you another thing, riders don’t like to win because of the crash of someone else.  

Not a video game 

Of course, you might think that racing today it’s much safer than in the old days. But if you never crashed a motorcycle at 100 mph, believe me, you don’t know what are you talking about. Sometimes even a minor crash can be painful and lead to injuries.

– Even a harmless crash is a painful experience – 

Valentino Rossi

Some people might say that they wouldn’t do it for a big crash but I’ve seen some people cheering while the rider was going down.

Remember Wayne Rainy’s crash in Misano? It didn’t look that bad, did it? It was a simple low-side and not a spectacular high-side. Imagine you would have cheered that crash and discovered later that he remained paralyzed. Think about Luis Salom deadly accident in Moto2 this year or Marco Simoncelli in MotoGP. What if you cheered while looking him going down just before being hit by Edwards and Rossi? It feels different now, does it?

I don’t know if you’re a fan of Rossi, Lorenzo, Marquez or whoever, you should keep in mind that racing, despite all the modern safety features, it’s still a dangerous sport. 

From a rider’s perspective 

Every time I’ve seen the red flag on the race track and we were all called in the pitlane, we all hoped nothing really bad happened. And when we’re back in the paddock I asked if someone got hurt. It could have been the rider next to you, the one you looked in the eyes for a brief second on the grid getting ready to start. 

Riders are those lucky guys who are talented enough to live their passion for speed but they’re also humans. We don’t see the pain or the fear under those black visors. Sometimes they walk back to the pits with a broken finger, cracked ribs or concussions in the best case. So next time you see a rider crashing during the race, instead of cheering, think twice about what really happened. 

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