Ducati superleggera 1299

The most powerful Twin-Engine ever made

The numbers are mind-blowing. 1299cc engine with a power of 215Hp and a carbon fiber frame that weights 2.6 kg. It was developed by Casey Stoner and it has a traction control that is not allowed anymore in MotoGp which means that it’s more advanced than a GP bike. It’s a special machine and like any special thing it comes in a limited number of 500 units. Asking about the price is just a triviality. 

Why is Ducati flexing their muscles like this? Is it because after years of racing in Superbike with a Twin-engine we reached the physical boundaries? Is it because of the rumours of Ducati wanting to switch to a four cylinder engine? Is this some sort of supernova of the Twin-engine declaring the end of the two cylinder engine? If so that would be another piece of mechanical romanticism leaving the Superbike WC. 

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