Yamaha Tech 3 finds the replacement for Jonas Folger

Yonny Hernandez is the last minute choice for Yamaha Tech 3 Team just one week before the beginning of the winter test in Sepang.

After a fantastic podium in Germany, Jonas Folger started to suffer. His struggle was caused by a rare genetic disorder call the Gilbert Syndrome. It attacks the liver which can’t process the toxins effectively. Jonas, under the responsibility that goes with handling a MotoGP bike, decided not to race in 2018 and concentrate on recovering. This hard decision came very late and Yamaha Tech3 had to face quite a big challenge.

Jonas Folger: “I’m incredibly sad to be saying this, but I will not be racing MotoGP in 2018. I wasn’t able to make the improvements I was hoping for, and at this stage I don’t feel able to ride a MotoGP machine at 100 percent. I’d like to thank everyone involved, but especially the Monster Yamaha Tech3 team, Yamaha Factory Japan, Monster Energy, HJC, IXON, Forma Boots and Rudy Project. I hope to be back one day and want to thank you all for your ongoing support.”

It’s not yet officially confirmed by Yamaha but Yonny Hernandez should replace Folger in 2018. Hernandez is not a new name, he raced in MotoGP from 2012 to 2016 mostly with Ducati.

I’m sure there is a sense in this decision but since Tech 3 already has a fast rider like Zarco, but why not hiring someone new? I’m sure many of us have had the same thought but there are many factors that influence such a decision. Because you have a strong rider, you don’t need one fast enough to cause problems of leadership. Think about Dovizioso and Iannone. You don’t want someone who doesn’t recognize his place and ignites a fight for the leadership. You just need a second rider good enough to support the team.

We all wish a speedy recovery to Jonas with the hope to see him soon on track.

Jonas Folger in 2017
Jonas Folger in 2017

By Smudge 9000Flickr: Jonny Hernandez #70, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

By Rhysgedwards23Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


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