MV Agusta RVS#1

RVS Department of Special Vehicles

Aliens have landed in Varese, Italy. They came in peace and shared their technology for good.


MV Augusta and Centro Ricerche Castiglioni formed a joint venture called RVS, which stands for Reparto Veicoli Speciali (translated “Department of Special Vehicles”). They took the best designers and engineers of both companies and gave them one mission: build an outstanding bike.

MV Agusta RVS#1

The RVS#1

It’s the name of the first coming out of this not so secret anymore MV/CRC joint and it looks like a fully handcrafted luxury bike. Based on the infamous Dragster 800 RR, the designers clearly had some serious degree of freedom (and most probably fun). The love they put into the details is quite remarkable.

Love for the detail

Incastonated titanium inserts, a spectacular front light which takes the classic round design but loaded with LED cluster technology that probably will dynamically follow curve trajectory. A massive, beautifully crafted tank, saw blades as front brake discs, marvelous spoke wheels, a Moto GP resembling titanium exhaust, two LED lights on the right side of the cooler to improve visibility, lots of  CNC machined parts.

MV Agusta RVS#1 brakes

RVS put so many details that it’s really difficult to list them all. And that’s just the surface. The beautiful seat is a statement: This is a one man show.

The engine responsible for thrust ist a slightly modified MV Augusta Brutale Dragster three cylinder 800 RR one, with approx. 150 HP over 160 kg weight, leaving you with a power to weight ratio of 0.93. For sure you can expect tons of fun from this meticulously forged emotion extractor. 

MV Agusta RVS#1

MV Augusta is already a constructor from the future, RVS has just taken it to another planet. RVS has not released information about price or release date yet, I guess it will not be under 20 grands though. 

As a technology enthusiast, I’m all in for this bike, can’t wait to see (and maybe ride) it.


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