Skully is closing

It’s been announced last week that Skully is closing. Skully was producing one of the most advanced motorcycle helmet in the business but in a very Silicon Valley way. It looked like from a sci-fi movie and we all thought it would be the next big thing. But it wasn’t. Instead, the company ceased the delivery and is about to turn off their website soon. 

50 employees lost their job and more than 3,000 customers who ordered the product may never get it. Behind this bad news, there might be a deal which took the wrong direction with Chinese firm LeSports. 

It was one of the most promising and visionary companies of the last year. Only a miracle can save it but who knows, it’s America, everything can happen. 

Editor of Gasolirium, test-rider, and content writer. He began in the two-stroke era which makes him feel pretty old but gave him the chance to race everything from 125cc to 1000cc. All useless experiences when he got lost in the Sahara desert with nothing but a can of beans.

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