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Is the Suter MMX500 a bike for nostalgist racers or is it more?

Over the last years, we’ve always questioned ourselves how would it be to make a 500cc two-stroke bike with the technology we have today? Fortunately, Suter Racing decided to answer this question. 

Meanwhile somewhere in Switzerland…

The Suter Racing was founded by former racer Eskil Suter in 1996. He was active in the 90s in the classes 250cc and 500cc, racing against big names like Max Biaggi. Eskil knows about racing and the needs of a rider. The Suter started to develop parts for racing bikes in the World Championship like clutches. With the introduction of four-stroke engines even in the small classes, they took their chance to manufacture a bike for the Moto3 and Moto2, winning the 2012 Moto2 Championship with Marc Marquez. And till now it’s a pretty understandable story of a small team growing bigger and having success. But from now on it sounds more like a bet in a bar which went too far. And I’m glad for that.

The Suter Racing decided to design and build a 500cc two-stroke racing bike. The problem was that for the new regulations it could race in MotoGP, so why not going all the way and join the Isle of Man TT? The most romantic bike on the most romantic track. 

What is the MMX500? 

Let me start with the numbers. The engine is a two-stroke V4 with two counter rotating crankshafts. It has a 576cc which develops 195 hp, and that’s a lot until they tell you that it weighs just 127 kg. And this is the point when you think that this might rip your arms off.  But don’t worry because with a price tag of €110,000 will remain a dream for almost everybody. There are some more downsides like the fact that is a two-stroke engine and like any other two-stroke needs more maintenance. Like changing the pistons every 3 hours (ca. 1000 km) and the crankshaft every 3000 km. Suter himself said that the bike isn’t at its full potential and for the development would like to have Luca Cadalora, one of the finest and most technical riders ever.  So why should you pay so much for a new bike with an old technology? 

Why it is so special

Have you ever handed a fine whisky over to someone who doesn’t drink? He or she will usually find it repelling. So sit back and take your time to understand it. 

This bike is special and rare, in fact, there will be just 99 of them. It’s built with swiss precision and premium materials. The engine alone costs €45,000. It has fuel injection for more precision but no electronic controls of any sort because they know their clients and they wanted a real 500cc. The took what they call the Golden Era of racing and evolved it but without taking anything away from its soul. 

A second thought

At the beginning, I was afraid that Suter would tame the beast by building such a bike with the new technology. But I was wrong. Because they didn’ put all the technology in it, they just put the right one. 

The Suter MMX500 is not just an homage to the Golden Era of racing, it’s a parallel universe in which the 500 lives on. 

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2 thoughts on “Is the Suter MMX500 a bike for nostalgist racers or is it more?

    1. And there is more. During an interview, they said that they were thinking about producing a road going version of their 500cc but not if the regulations will cut too much of the power and the excitement. Because this is what the MMX500 is all about.

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