Suzuki GSX-S750

Suzuki GSX-S750 – First Impression

Back then, things were easier. We had 125, 250, 600, 750 and 1000cc. Now 300, 675, 800, 1299… I don’t know what is big or small anymore.


If you want a big powerful naked bike, today you have many choices. Suzuki has the new GSX-S1000, Kawasaki the Z1000, KTM the Superduke, Ducati Monster and so on. The problem with those bikes is that even many experienced riders won’t be able to explore limits and edges. They are so powerful they might scare someone who is not ready to jump from a 600cc to a 1000cc. This is where the GSX-S750 comes into place. It is more powerful than a 600cc but not as scary as a liter engine.

Suzuki GSX-S750

Better than a 1000cc

The 750cc engine was always Suzuki’s greatest hit. They took the engine of the GSXR750 and there is a problem with that. The engine is from a K5 so pretty outdated compared to the rivals. To fill this gap Suzuki added more power and now it develops 114 HP and to be honest, the 750cc inline for is one of the best engines out there. And for this kind of bike which is designed to go on the road, the 750cc is better than a 1000cc because it is a range that you can actually use. Ask yourself if you would like to have a motorcycle that you can use for about 50% or one that you can use 80%? It is not how much power you have but how much you can use. To give you an idea in the early 2000s many journalists said that the GSXR750 was the R1 Killer and not the GSXR1000. Why? Because you have to be Kevin Schwantz to exploit the full potential.

The acceleration goes up in a straight line it feels almost electric. Suzuki developed a new airbox to improve the sound and it runs like it is on butter. They changed the design too. Now it looks more like the 1000cc. The riding position is a good compromise between sport and comfort. It likes cornering even if it’s not the most refined in terms of suspensions. This means that you can bring the GSX-S750 to the racetrack and have some fun. It is intelligent too. It has a 3 mode traction control, an easy start button like on the new GSXR and a Low RPM Assist like all new Suzuki models. 

Suzuki GSX-S750

Second thought

I love this engine, I think it’s Suzuki’s greatest hit. On the 1000cc you twist the throttle and you come from “oh yeah” to “Holy s***!” pretty quickly. On the GSX-S750 you can use more of the overall power and this is where the fun comes from. And because it is the cheapest in its class, for less than €9,000 you can have a 750cc naked bike with a great range of use. It’ll be easy in the city, comfortable, and fun on twisty roads.


Special Thanks 

We would like to thank Suzuki for the great day and the support during the test day. Here you can find the links to the Suzuki dealerships:


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