Suzuki SV650

Suzuki SV650 first ride

The SV650 is back but why?

Suzuki made a mistake. They had to admit that replacing the SV650 with the Gladius wasn’t a good idea. So after a pause, the SV is back but with a new version.


The engine is what makes it so good

The sweet spot of this bike is and it’ll always be the engine. It is the same 650cc 90 degrees V-Twin engine which develops 76 HP but it evolved over the years to match new emission standards. Suzuki retuned it giving it more torque in the medium range which makes it even more enjoyable. It doesn’t scare new riders without being dull for experienced ones. Instead, it’ll give you a smile every time you open the throttle. The bike appears slicker than the previous models without looking smaller. The digital dashboard looks good, it’s well integrated and pretty informative. For inexperienced riders, Suzuki fitted a Low RPM Assist to adjust the engine speed while setting off and at low speed running. And with a consumption of 3.8l/km, it is cheaper to run.

Engine Suzuki SV650

Another important aspect is that beginners are not all the same. If you’re 220 pounds, a 250cc might suffer a bit under your weight. You need more torque and this is where a bike like the SV650 come in place. It has the torque that you need but not the insane power of a sports 600cc.

Any drawbacks?

For just €6,395 you get a naked bike with a nice V-Twin with a great sound but you shouldn’t pretend too much from it. With its 197 kg, the SV650 is quite heavy in the medium size naked bike category and the suspensions and brakes are pretty basic. You shouldn’t pretend too much from the suspensions either. But the overall result is good and every component works well for the task it has and more important it is easy to use, easy to corner and having fun.

For basically the same price you can have a Yamaha FZ07. Although I like the Yamaha, I know also that its design might not be everyone’s cup of tea. They fitted a 270 degrees crankshaft to give it the property of a V-engine but still be compact. But come on, The SV has a real V-engine. and how can you resist a V-twin?

Suzuki SV650

A second thought

There are beginner bikes and beginner friendly bikes. The Suzuki SV650 belongs to the second group. It’s the bike perfect for the new rider who wants a naked bike with great sound. And the good thing is: as your skills and experience grow, you won’t get tired of the 650cc V-Twin. If I had to pick one I’d chose the white and blue one which is also the one I got for this test.

There is one thing though I have to remark. While the overall look is good, I have to say that I miss the look of the old square trellis frame. It was special, it was the signature of an SV that made it different from other naked bikes.


Special Thanks 

We would like to thank Suzuki for the great day and the support during the test day. Here you can find the links to the Suzuki dealerships:


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  1. Always thought this was a fantastic bike for a new(er) rider. Glad you made the distinction between beginner bikes and beginner-friendly bikes. The SV650 is a great bike to start on and its something you can ride for many years to come!

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