The Dakar Rally

The toughest race on earth 

The Dakar Rally is probably the toughest race on earth regarding if you’re racing on bikes, cars, trucks, quads, or since this year UTV. The 39th edition is held in South America like every rally from 2009. It’s stretched over almost 9,000 km crossing high mountains and vast deserts. It’s a challenge just finishing the race through all the 12 stages. 

Stephan Peterhansel who won the car category bringing his victory record to 13 (6 on a bike, 7 on a car) said racing it on a car it’s a holiday compared to a bike. He’s 51 and he’s another racer that doesn’t seem to age. 

This year, the bike category was won by Sam Sunderland with the Red Bull KTM team, the first British to ever win a Dakar. 

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