Rossi Marquez handshake

Why is Rossi’s Handshake so Important

I’ve always said that racing is a gentlemen sport and Valentino Rossi is the best ambassador we could wish. 

In late 2015 during the last races we experienced the most controversial MotoGp season I can remember. Marc Marquez lost every chance to win the championship but he still had the power to obstacle Rossi in winning his 10th title. I won’t go into the details, but what Marquez made it in a very unfair way and Rossi lost the championship but won the heart of the people again. 

A shadow on MotoGp history

The reaction of the fans was terrible, attacking Marquez on any social media in a nasty way that doesn’t belong to this beautiful, respectful sport. Surely what he did wasn’t good and couldn’t be forgotten. But I’ve always said that motorcycle fans are not hooligans and in this case, the situation went out of control and everybody, literally, everybody started to talk about it like experts. The best thing about those “experts of the day after” is that you can find them everywhere in bars and cafes and at some point, you can find yourself arguing with someone who’s never been on a racetrack and never watched a race before. 

A great moment for sport 

Rossi is by far the oldest rider in MotoGp, and he behaved like this. I have to acknowledge also that Marquez changed this year in behavior and riding style, he’s leading the championship but this time, he’s doing it like an adult. So in Barcelona, after the tragic loss of Moto2 rider Luis Salom in qualifying and an epic as much as respectful battle between with Marquez, Rossi decided to go to him and shake hands.

“We do a very beautiful sport but it’s also dangerous. We have to keep calm” said Valentino Rossi

Riders compete against each other, there is no space for friendship. But there was always a lot of respect for the man next to you. Giacomo Agostini said once that it wasn’t unusual to see a bunch of flowers on the grid for the missing rider who didn’t survive the qualifying. In those days of racing, every time you met your rival could have been the last one. 

What Rossi did with his handshake was reminding us the nobility of our sport and this is the legacy we want to give to the next generation of riders, their fans, and motorcycle enthusiasts

What’s your opinion?

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