BMW HP4 Race

The new BMW HP4 race

In the 90s Ducati started this trend of making a ready-to-race motorcycle available to the public with the SPS series. It took a while until the other manufacturers caught up. In the early 2000s, Yamaha presented an SP version of their R1 which consisted of a bike tuned with premium parts.

BMW HP4 Race Frame

The BMW had a different approach for their HP4 Race. First of all, it’s German, so it doesn’t have rally stripes or flames. To see the changes you have to look closer and dive into the details. The wheels are made of carbon fiber and they weigh 30% less than the aluminum version. The entire main frame is made of carbon fiber and it weighs just 7.8 kg. 171 kg is the whole bike fully fuelled.

BMW HP4 Race

This is not the kind of bike made to impress your friends at the bar. This is an effective racetrack weapon.

It is also very rare, 750 will be produced and BMW didn’t tell us how much does it costs but it should be pretty expensive. I guess this is the downside, it’s rare but I don’t think it makes the grade from “rare” to special. But the question is: will it be enough to beat a possible race version of the Panigale Superleggera?

BMW HP4 Race

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