The Tamburini T12

Massimo Tamburini was obsessed by the perfection of the detail. So much in fact, that they called him the “Michelangelo of the motorbike” and without a doubt, the Ducati 916 was his David. 

And I’m also pretty sure that working with such a perfectionist wasn’t easy. Like Enzo Ferrari for example but it’s exactly those people the ones who pushed us far beyond our imagination, showing us that our dreams weren’t enough for them. In 1996 Tamburini was diagnosed with cancer and what kept him fighting was not only the love for life but his dedication to his work. He wanted to finish the F4 and bring the MV Agusta back to the glorious days. 

Not always he was appreciated by the people who worked with him and in 2008 the long relationship with MV Agusta came to an end. Because of his contract, Tamburini couldn’t work for another motorcycle company for the next three years. He retired to his house in the Republic of San Marino but three years was a long time for such a genius. So he decided to start his own project and build a machine like he wanted, without any law restriction or creativity fences. The target was an extreme, pure, and refine racer. The lightest and most compact of his class. To build the dream he put together a small team of wisely selected technicians. He also involved an old friend who used to work as a project engineer in Ferrari F1 with a passion for motorcycles. 

The T12 Massimo is a pure racer. No street legal version is planned and probably never will be. 

To power this incredible bike he chose the BMW S1000RR, one of the most refined four-cylinder engine on the market. The T12 has also astonishing numbers to show like its 154 kg and 230 HP. Working on an average of 12 hours a day was a part of his immense determination to finish his last creation. 

The price tag can leave you speechless, €300,000 make it the most expensive motorcycle ever produced. But you can’t judge the price as a motorcycle, this in your garage is more like a Picasso on your wall. For the commemoration of his glorious career, Massimo Tamburini delivered us his last, great masterpiece. 

T12 Tamburini
T12 Tamburini

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