Triumph Attempt to break Land Speed Record

They’ll get their chance again in a few days in Bonneville, the place that gave the name to one of their most famous motorcycles. Triumph is a big name in land speed racing, they literally dominated the scene between the 50ies and the 70ies. 

The record remained untouched since 2010 by an astonishing 376.363 mph (605.698 km/h) and rumors said that Triumph is aiming not just to beat this records but to break the 400 mph barrier. 

The machine for the job is called the Rocket Streamliner which is a 7.5 meters long carbon fiber missile on two wheels. The engines are two Triumph Rocket III powered by methanol and turbocharged which develop 1,000 HP. 

The man for the job is again road racing rider Guy Martin who last year missed his second attempt due to an injury from a superbike race. 

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