Triumph Bobber

The Triumph Bobber

I don’t like bobbers.

I like sports bikes, cafe racers, big enduros, small enduros but I could never see myself on a bike that doesn’t really have a function. It is uncomfortable too so I simply don’t get it. That’s why I’m here, to give it a shot.


Some philosophical question

It is exactly as comfortable as the Speed Triple after removing the seat. If you have a girlfriend you’ll have a good excuse to hang out with your buddies because there is no passenger seat. I’m riding uphill on a twisty road and I’m trying to understand this bike. It’s not a cafe racer and it’s not a cruiser either. What is it then?

Triumph Bobber

As I’m questioning myself with philosophical thoughts like “Why am I here?” and “What am I riding?” I’ve been interrupted. It was the sound of the engine out of a slow corner. It seems like it is alive, like the grunt of an animal. I can feel the vibrations. While many new motorcycles tend to separate the rider from the machine, the Bobber has no filters.

It is powered by Triumph’s 1200cc parallel twin engine but it’s specially tuned for the Bobber to have more torque in the lower range. Triumph says that the engine is so tough that it needs to be inspected only every 16,000 km. It also has two riding modes, Road and Rain, and it has even traction control.

Triumph Bobber

I slowly get the sense of it

After many corners, I have to admit that it handles great for its class. Whatever it is. It is easy to ride, it’s a joy to accelerate out of each corner, and listening to the engine. Triumph didn’t go with this fat rear tire fashion and this is why it handles so well. Moreover, once you stop, you can look at a beautiful piece of design. It looks great from every angle and it feels special.

The Bobber is the way it is and without any compromise. And I like it. I don’t even care that the brakes are weak. It’s a beautiful machine designed with exquisite British taste. You can have the tank in four different colors but if you ask me, I’d go for the Morello-red or the Competition Green. I like the shape, the geometry and the balance of the lines.

When you get closer, you don’t have the feeling you got from others look-alike retro bikes. You don’t see any plastic covers or a huge cooler welded in the front. It feels solid, it feels like it’s built with care and attention to the detail. It has the technology it needs to be a bike of 2017 but it doesn’t show it. And I simply cannot imagine an engine better looking than this for this bike. It’s the kind of bike that will make you turn your head every time you leave it. Triumph brought the Bobber back to life and they did a fantastic job.

Triumph Bobber

Second thought

At the beginning I was trying to give it a sense, to understand what it is. And now everything is clear. It’s not a cafe racer since you don’t race from cafe to cafe, not on the Bobber. Triumph built the perfect cafe cruiser. Would I buy one? No, but now I understand why someone would.


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