Don’t call it Baby Triple

Don’t call it the Baby Triple. It is more than that.

Some of you might remember the Baby Speed. The Street Triple is far from that. It’s a completely different animal. Yes, it has a smaller capacity than the Speed Triple but it’s not a beginner bike. The Street Triple it’s more of an entry level Speed Triple. It doesn’t have an arm ripping torque like the Speed but the engine is so much fun. This is because they put a serious one here.

Triumph Street Triple RS

If you bought an R write us

It’s the same 765cc three cylinder motor developed from the Daytona and this means it likes to scream out of a corner, a feature that definitely raised my attention. The Street Triple is available in three different versions: S, R, and RS. At first, I thought the having so many choices is a good thing but after a while, I couldn’t figure out the buyer of the R. Why would you buy an R model? In my mind, you’re either a motorcycle enthusiast who wants a ride for the daily commute and on country roads with friends on Sunday. Or you’re a more committed sports rider who occasionally enjoys exploring the limit on the racetrack. But if you are an R rider, please write us, I want to know you.

Triumph Street Triple Romano Pinna
Photo by Motor Rausch

Tons of attitude

The Street Triple S is a civilized bike for the everyday use, it’s exciting and it has exactly what you need to have fun on the road and on the track. The engine is tuned to leave a smile on your face out of every corner and with a wider range of use. The RS is none of these because it has an engine tuned to stain your pants. On the racetrack, it’ll catapult you to the next corner so fast you realize it’s too late to pray. But don’t worry because the RS is different here too. You don’t build a dragster without a parachute or a toilet without a door. And Triumph didn’t fit a race engine on a motorcycle without proper brakes and suspensions.

Triumph Street Triple Romano Pinna
Photo by Motor Rausch

The Öhlins suspensions in combination with the Brembo brakes and the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa make a great package. They can actually take you out of troubles. Hitting the brakes hard as I did and being able to keep the line without a problem definitely won my heart. The slipper clutch keeps the rear where it should be and the brakes are like dropping an anchor. The chassis makes easy to hold the line and feel the grip.

The prettier younger sister

On the racetrack, the Street Triple shares the same DNA of her bigger sister. It’s a bit easier in changing direction but it requires more gear shifting, especially the RS model, to keep it in the best range. With the Speed Triple, you can be lazy with the gearbox because it’s powered by the Force like a Jedi. On the Street Triple, you have way more satisfaction in being able to squeeze the throttle and listen to the Daytona engine sing.

Triumph Street Triple RS

Triumph Street Triple RS

Once you stop, you can enjoy a brilliant British design. I like how they reshape important details to take a stance from the Speed Triple. These elements give the Street Triple a special character. The short exhaust that comes out from the bottom of the bike makes it look lighter and slicker. It has also a new dashboard, not just different compared to the Speed Triple, it’s better. It is perfectly integrated, easy to read with its high contrast and colors, and it’s a nice thing to look at. The new dash is intelligent too, you can rearrange the information on the display. This makes the Speed Triple dash look like an alarm clock from the 90s and if you make a step back you can enjoy one of the best looking naked bike on the market right now.

The Street Triple is not a Baby Speed but an adult in its own class.


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