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Triumph Tiger Sport and Explorer

Bankers in downtown with a GS


If you’re a banker working in downtown you can skip this article. We’re not talking about the BMW GS. Apparently, the GS seems to be the only machine that can get to our capitalist hero to the office through the dangerous city center which is infested by aggressive vegans. The BMW GS is an adventure bike, that means it can bring you everywhere riding in every condition. But using it just to go from home to work is like bringing a tank to a fox hunt. But it is still a bestseller and probably it’s because people don’t understand the difference between traveling and commuting.

Triumph Tiger Sport

Commuting and traveling

Traveling can be hard especially if you go offroad, thus you need a bike that makes your life easier. You need a lot of space too. A good injection of torque and a comfortable position. An adventure bike gives you all this and much more. But during your daily city commute, you need two wheels, an engine, and some space for a rain overall. Heated grips might also be a good idea.

Triumph Tiger Sport
Photo by: Motor Rausch

Wouldn’t be better something like a Tiger Sport?

For the urban jungle, Triumph has the Tiger Sport which is incredibly comfortable and good looking (especially the black one with neon yellow stripes). And it’s not just for commuting because when the built up area ends and the road gets empty and twisty, you can have some serious fun. It has a powerful 1050cc three-cylinder-engine that develops 126 hp. It’s also easy to ride with its slipper clutch and traction control. You can set the cruise control and relax while hitting the highway. It is comfortable too, so here you have it, the perfect bike for commuting and traveling on any sort of road. But when the road ends…

Triumph Tiger Explorer

But if more is needed there is the Explorer

There is joy in riding in the dirt, most of it comes from getting dirty and not owing anyone an explanation. Because you’re an adult. If you do owe someone an explanation, you can go to a couple therapy or simply save the money to buy a Tiger Explorer and get divorced. Triumph kept the name Tiger and switched Sport with Explorer so you might expect some changes. But you might be wrong, it changes everything. It looks edgier, more aggressive. Probably to scare lions when you cross the Savannah. If the Sport looks like the Enterprise in Star Trek, the Explorer seems more like the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars. The Millennium Falcon is cooler when it’s dirty.

Triumph Tiger Explorer
Photo by: Motor Rausch

The Explorer is built for other purposes, it looks for adventures. Triumph gave it a three-cylinder engine of 1215cc, which develops 139 hp. It’s fourteen more than a BMW GS. I couldn’t test it on gravel like I did on rocks but it felt solid. While on the tarmac of a small racetrack with very tight turns, I began to drag the footpegs. Don’t forget that we’re talking about a very tall bike. The grip is immense and the power is always there. It is sophisticated too, it has more riding modes, traction control, tire pressure sensors. There is one drawback I’d like to talk about. Why does it have a 20L tank? I don’t get it.

Triumph Tiger Explorer

It will look amazing in front of your office

For the bankers who came so far in this article, I’d like to say thank you. If you’re a shorter banker than average, Triumph offers you a “Low” model. The Tiger Explorer is an amazing adventure bike and it’ll look amazing in front of your office.


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