Two Items for the City Rider

Riding in the city can be dangerous, especially because a lot of people want to travel light. Here you'll find two very useful items that we spotted for you. They might make your life a bit easier and safer while riding in the "urban jungle". 

The Helite Turtle Airbag

The Turtle is an airbag vest perfect for street riding made by the German company Helite who is building protection gear since 10 years now. If you are that kind of guy who doesn't want to wear a heavy jacket in the city, this might be something for you. It's light and comfortable and makes your riding a lot safer. This new model has an airbag that goes from the chest to the back protecting the collarbones. What's new is the back protector which save you from pointy objects. It has a string attached to the motorcycle which you have to plug to your vest which will activate the gas capsule inflating the vest.  

Finn the universal smartphone holder

I know, it's a bicycle smartphone mount but for a short trip in the city, it's more than enough. It's made in Austria, it's simple and cheap but brilliant and it'll fit everywhere. You can put it in your seat trunk in case you forgot your sat nav. And unless you're doing motocross or riding at 300 km/h (we haven't tested yet) it'll hold your smartphone safely to the handlebar. 

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