Maverick Vinales on Suzuki motogp

Viñales takes his first victory in Silverstone

It seems to be one of the most balanced seasons in the last years. Lots of different riders on different bikes are not only on the podium but they also fight for the victory and this is increasing the voltage race by race. It began with a spectacular as much as a scary collision. So they showed the red flag and everybody came back to the pits a bit worried. Fortunately, the riders were fine.

Maverick Viñales took the lead from the beginning and he was untouchable during the whole race showing that Suzuki made a great job working successfully on their weak points. Of course, Maverik took his occasion and made the best out of it. Not a mistake and always in control. 

While Viñales made all the race on his own, behind him it looked like Moto3. Everyone very close to each other constantly overtaking. It was spectacular and Cal Crutchlow made a fantastic 2nd place in front of his home crowd. We hope we’ll see more of this races from him. 

Rossi had a fantastic battle with Marquez who pushed too hard at the end and couldn’t hold the line at one corner. Fortunately for him in that area there was tarmac instead of sand and he could go back without losing too much time but the podium was out of his reach. Rossi gained just 3 points compared to Marquez. Having a gap of 50 seems like a lot but there are still six races and Rossi is in an incredible shape. Everybody who knows racing knows also that a lot can happen until the end. Although the fight for the podium was insanely tough and nobody seemed to give up, the after the race the vibe was pretty relaxed and friendly. Like friends stopping at a bar after overtaking each other on a ride out. 

In all this, Lorenzo and his poor results are difficult to understand. He started the season as a championship contender and now he’s struggling to get some points. It’s no secret that Yamaha doesn’t support him with the last technology anymore like Iannone in Ducati. This is normal for a rider who is about to leave. But still, their performance is uncomparable. I wonder if Ducati is worried about this. 

We’ll see next week in Misano if this season will bring even more surprises. 

Rossi and Crutchlow Silverstone


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